We carefully design and hand build guitars and basses from the ground up, ensuring that you get the instrument you've always wanted.

We handcraft everything using only the finest tone woods and materials, with all custom options available. We make the best guitars, basses, pick-ups, guitar leads, audio cables and more, so you can rely on your gear and sound great. For custom work contact us.

Made to Sound Great.

Introducing the Moondot Acoustic Range, contact us for more information.

We are delighted to be featured in this great article in She Shreds, a magazine dedicated to female guitarists and bassists.

As instrument builders and fixers we understand the importance of high quality reliable gear, so we carefully hand make the best guitars, basses, pickups, plus instrument, microphone and other audio cables and leads for musicians.

Have a look around; your sure to find something interesting (mystery link).

Helping musicians and audio appreciators with their audio chain, from instrument to speaker at an affordable price.

All Handcrafted in Ireland

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Made to sound great…
Crafted with the finest select tone woods.

Best sounding handwound pickups.

Carefully hand wired tone circuits.
Silver plated solid core wiring, star grounding, shielding.
CTS pots, silver solder, PIO (paper in oil)/poly caps, OFC (oxygen free copper) wire.

Building guitars and basses to the highest standard.

Made to Sound Great.

Everything we produce is designed and constructed ensuring quality and affordability.
We ethically source raw materials, keep a low carbon footprint and avoid the use of plastic when possible.

Our guitar and bass pickups are handwound with British made copper coil wire and high grade silver solder.

Our ethos:

  • Decrease waste:
    • reduced packaging
    • no planned obsolescence
    • repair broken equipment
  • Reduce plastic usage:
    • paper packaging
    • wooden accessories and parts (pick guards, cover plates, pickup flatwork, the list goes on.)
    • great alternatives: bell brass, aluminium, stainless steel, wool/cotton instead of polyester or acrylic twine and all the woods.
  • Helping musicians sound great while they create.