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Irish hand-built stringed instruments, guitar and bass pick-ups, custom audio cables.

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A sample of custom guitars, basses, pick ups and more. Carefully handmade in Ireland by Moondot music.

Have a look at our workshop price lists for our hand built guitars, basses, pickups, and instrument, microphone and audio cables

We repair, set up and upgrade guitars, basses and music equipment. Check our services page for prices for common services or contact us.


Helping musicians and audio appreciators with their audio chain, from instrument to speaker at an affordable price.

All Handcrafted in Ireland

As instrument makers and fixers we understand the importance of high quality reliable gear, so we carefully hand make the best, yet affordable, high quality guitars, basses, pickups and instrument, microphone and other audio cables for musicians.

Everything can be custom made to any specification.

See here for our Guitar and Bass Price List

Made to sound great…
Crafted with the finest select tone woods.
Highest quality hand wound pickups and tone circuits.
Silver plated solid core wiring, star grounding, shielding.
CTS pots, silver solder, PIO/poly caps, OFC wire.

Building guitars and basses to the highest standard, custom built to any specification; scale, fret number, style, tonewoods.

The last steps of building a unique custom guitar, applying a finish, final fitting of all the hardware, wiring tone circuit, strings and enjoyment!

Everything is hand-made in Ireland, using only the highest quality materials and hardware.

Custom made to any specification.

Hand-wired audio cables, handcrafted tonewood plectrums, hand-wound pickups.
Each product has been designed and constructed ensuring quality and affordability.
We ethically source our raw materials, keep a low carbon footprint and avoid the use of plastic in our products.

Have a look at our handcrafted accessories for guitarists, there’s more price lists.

Our pickups are handwound with British made copper wire and high grade silver solder.
Wooden alternative to plastic pickup flat work and casings can be provided.

  • See our facebook page for updates
  • Have a look at our YouTube channel for videos on guitar building, repairs and some music too.
  • The Moondot Music Reverb shop is up and running now with mostly cables for sale. We will put up interesting handmade products; guitar and bass pickups, pre-wired scratch plates/pick guards, etc. Keep watching…
  • All and more available in our own shop too with free shipping to Ireland and UK.

Part of our ethos is to:

  • decrease waste:
    • reduced packaging,
    • no planned obsolescence
    • repair broken equipment
  • Reduce plastic usage:
    • paper packaging,
    • wooden accessories and parts (pickgaurds, cover plates, pickup flatwork, etc.)
    • Use alternatives: bell brass, aluminium, stainless steel, wool/cotton instead of polyester or acrylic twine and all the woods of course.