Custom products

Our guitars, basses, pickups, cables and speakers are bespoke, handmade with care and attention to detail.

We avoid mass production and use high quality hardware in all of the products we make: Schaller, ABM, Sommer Cable, Kahler, Sperzel, etc. Using tools passed down through generations our guitars and accessories are built to last as heirlooms.

Guitars, basses, pick ups and more, carefully handmade in Ireland by Moondot music.

As instrument makers and fixers we understand the importance of high quality reliable gear.

So we have developed a range of affordable, high quality products for musicians.

Made in Ireland: handwired audio cables, handwound magnetic pickups, tonewood plectrums. All made to sound great.

Everything is designed and constructed with quality and affordability a main consideration.

We ethically source our raw materials, keep a low carbon footprint and avoid the use of plastic in our products.

Get a quote for a custom made guitar or bass.

Audio Cables

Our leads are wired using European made components and high grade silver solder.

Great sounding reliable cables with shielded oxygen free copper cores and high quality connectors.

  • Guitar Leads (mono instrument cables)
    • Neutrik gold plated 6.35mm connectors
    • straight or right angle connectors
      • 3m €34
      • 4m €37
      • 6m €43
  • Patch Cables – for pedal boards
    • mono Hicon right angled connectors
    • gold tipped 6.35mm connectors
      • 10cm-30cm – €12
      • 30cm-50cm – €13
  • Microphone Leads
    • balanced Neutrik XLR gold or silver plated connectors
      • 3m – €35
      • 4m – €38
      • 6m – €41
  • Hi-Fi (stereo audio) Cables
    • 3.5mm hicon to 2xRCA hicon (phono)
      • 2m – €38
      • per extra 1m – €2.5
    • 3.5mm hicon stereo auxiliary cable
    • 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack
      • 2m – €35
      • per extra 1m – €2.50

Most custom cables can be made on request. Contact us for details.

Handcrafted tonewood picks

  • Choose from unusual hardwoods
    • maple, walnut, Irish ash, wenge, and more
    • each pick unique, shape, thickness, material
      • €7 each
  • Plectrum Necklace
    • €20

Hand wound magnet pickups

Our pickups are handwound with British made copper wire and high grade silver solder.
Can provide a wooden alternative to plastic pickup flat work and casings.

Pickup Price List:

Guitar Pickups

  • Telecaster Single coil Bridge Pickup
    • €90
  • Stratocaster single coil: neck, middle and bridge set
    • €270
  • Humbucker, dual coil, hum canceling
    • €140

Bass Pickups

  • P-bass, split coil, hum canceling
    • €90
  • J-bass pickups, set
    • €160
  • Humbucker, dual coil, hum canceling
    • €160

Pickups are made to order and will have a 2 -4 week waiting time.

Custom pickups of any design can be provided on request.

Wax potting and rewinding services available.

Custom pickups can be designed and provided.

All products can be custom made to any specification.

The best should be affordable while still ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, built to last and to inspire while creating music.

Custom built guitars, basses, cables and pickups. All handmade in Ireland, fully customisable and can made to any requirement.

Constructed to the highest standard, using the best hardware available.

Have a look at our shop for a selection of guitar pickups, instrument leads and other boutique handcrafted accessories for musicians, plus we have a Moondot Music Reverb shop.

The cables and electronics we produce are built to last, and are a lot more robust. We started making these products because we got tired of the obvious planned obsolescence built into commercial cables and electronics.

You can rely on Moondot Music, made to sound great.