The Moondot Music Bass

Boutique bass

Neck-through 4 string 28 Fret Bass

  • gold ‘Badass II’ bridge,
  • bell brass ABM nut, gold tuners,
  • gold EVO fretwire,
  • wenge ramps over two handwound single coil pickups,
  • handcrafted wenge jackplate
  • control cavity plate cut to achieve matching grain.

This bass plays and sounds beautiful.

An extended range (28 frets) 4 string, neck through body, bass guitar.

5 piece neck with striking exotic tone woods and Irish ash for the body.

Two custom handwound pickups with radiused wenge pickup covers working nicely as a ramp for pizzicato (finger style) playing.

Designed and built with meticulous attention to detail. The woods are perfectly seasoned, each stage of it’s construction carried out with the utmost of care.

Always taking the greatest care in the construction of our instruments, each step crucial to having a perfect instrument in the end. We are determined to produce perfect instruments every time.


  • Neck construction: 5-piece laminated neck through body, for improved stability and tone
    • maple-wenge-padauk
    • 12.5 degree angled headstock
  • Truss rod:
    • aluminium U-channel,
    • single acting steel rod,
    • as used by Martin Guitars
  • Body wood: Irish ash
  • Fret board: ebony (African blackwood)
  • Frets:
    • 28 frets; EVO gold,
    • hard wearing, sound great, hypo allergenic (nickel free)
  • Scale length: 34” scale (863.6mm)
  • Fingerboard radius: 12” radius
  • String nut: ABM adjustable brass nut, 40mm width
  • Pickups:
    • 2 handwound magnetic single coil pickups
    • dual pole AlNiCo5 magnets
    • 42 AWG gauge coil wire; 6.9 kΩ (neck), 8.3 kΩ (bridge)
    • reverse wound and polarity, hum cancelling when used together
    • with radiused wenge covers/ramps
  • Tuners: gold generic gotoh style
  • Bridge: gold Leo Quan Badass II
  • Controls:
    • neck volume, bridge volume, tone; all CTS pots (250 kΩ)
    • 4.7% silver solder, Sprague orange drop capacitor
    • matching grain ash cover plate for control cavity on back
  • Output: switchcraft mono 6.35mm (1/4”) jack
    • handcarved wenge jackplate
Handwound wooden bass pickups
Handwound single coil pickups

See the building of this bass for a photo summary showing woodwork, electronics, custom wound pickups, finishing and lots more.

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