At Moondot Music we are surrounded by such amazing talent. This page is dedicated to our endorsing artists, showcasing the variety of musicianship we are privileged to be associated with, from the enchanting voice of Mia Black to the sludge doom metal of Dan Walsh in Two Tales of Woe (TTOW) and everything in between.

Daniel “Dohg” Doherty – Bassist

Daniel “Dohg” Doherty, great guy, awesome bass player. We’re delighted to have him on the team. An accomplished musician with a long list of bands, including one of Ireland’s best Blackened Death metal bands “Dead Aeon“, as well as being a supporting and session musician with a variety of bands and artists. He tutors with “Music Generation Ireland”.

*New* Daniel Doherty plays ‘Take One’ for the new Moondot Loft – Artist Spotlight

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Fancy Dan Bracken

No need to introduce the brilliant Fancy Dan Bracken, The King of Loopers and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. You could be lucky and find Fancy Dan and his portable music making madness just about anywhere, accompanied by one of many bands, or if the notion takes him, busking on the street or at the beach. A highly sought after and reputable musician, a privilege to work with.

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Dean Wright – Guitarist – Dean and Chapter

We are proud to have the brilliant Dean Wright as one of our endorsing artists. Classically trained, a touring solo artist, founding the band ‘Dean and Chapter’ as well as playing with ‘Feed the Enemy’. Dean’s solo album ‘Spiritual Suicide‘ is a great listen; dark rock/punk/blues music with a profound message. Plus a new album coming soon.

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Jordan Dennis – The King of Strings

We are delighted to have the legendary guitar toting, riff slinging, ‘King of Strings’ Jordan Dennis as one of our Endorsing Artists. A pioneer in the Neo-Western genera with an original take on the combination of hard rock and country inspired by his hometown of Castleblayney. We are always amazed to see the raw talent continuously emerging in our locality.

Check out Jordan’s new album,The Man in the Hat’ released on the 9th of December 2022.

Gráinne Duffy – Singer/Song writer/ Guitarist – The Gráinne Duffy Band

The stunningly talented Gráinne Duffy’s success is a challenge to summarise in one paragraph. With a long list of original albums, years of touring Europe and the world, as well as sharing the stage and collaborating with many world famous musicians, we are delighted work with such a great musician. Gráinne’s lifetime of musicality has lead her to well deserved world recognition, with the bluesy, rocking, soulful Gráinne Duffy Band and Grainne Duffy Rocks BBC Radio show. Not to be missed.

You can buy a selection of albums here.

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Ernie the Catpiper

We are delighted to welcome Ernie ‘The Catpiper’ to the Moondot Music Endorsing Artist Team. This innovative musician and artist is inspired by the traditions and cultures of Brazil and Ireland. He rocks a trad session, along with excellent tribal music, plus good old fashioned punk and rock with a twist! A unique and original minded individual who’s music and videos will blow your mind with a wide range of original music and thoughtful information.

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The Two Five Ones – Dara MacGabhann and Andy Hogg

The Two Five Ones, a wonderful guitar and vocals duo, are always a delight, bringing you all your favourite blues and jazz classics plus their own original compositions. An evening, or afternoon, spent with The Two Five Ones will sweep you away with an ambience of elegant sophistication.

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Lou Garou – Singer/Songwriter

Lou Garou brings you the Americana Blues Rock feel with meaningful lyrics, exploring themes such as mythology, religion, love, life, and death. A great songwriter and talented fellow with a great voice. Currently working on an EP and can be found performing at various venues and open mic nights in the west of Ireland. Inspired by a broad range of influences, raised on Elvis, Tom Jones and the Eurythmics, you’re sure to love his music.

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Daragh Slacke – Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist

Great to have the legendary guitarist Daragh Slacke on our side. Currently touring with The Clara Rose Band, also a regular feature in The Rob Strong Blues Band, Traditional Irish outfit Whiskey You’re the Divil, and funk / jazz lunatics Blutack & The Greenhorns, along with many other musical endeavours.

Buy The Clara Rose Band Albums here.

Mia Black – Singer/Songwriter

We are very proud to be endorsed by such a talented and well received young Irish lady, who is continuing the music tradition and caliber. A regular busker in Galway and Dublin, plus guest appearances with other high profile musicians. Mia recognises the importance of good quality audio equipment and it’s a privilege to have such talent endorsing Moondot Music.

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Ross Duffy – Guitarist – Strangle Wire + Two Tales of Woe

Ross Duffy- ‘a riff machine’, guitarist in a number of bands. Everything he does is gold. Behold this devastatingly heavy, death metal.

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Paul Sherry Guitarist/Vocals – The Paul Sherry Band

A wizard on guitar, a force to behold, the brilliant Paul Sherry. Great to have as one of our endorsing artists. This truly talented versatile guitarist and accomplished soloist plays with a number of fantastic bands, plus his own rockin’ bluesy Paul Sherry Band.

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Dan Walsh – Guitarist – Two Tales of Woe

We are lucky to have the super talented Dan part of the Moondot Music team. Living just a few miles from the workshop, we are often graced by his presence. Dan uses the full range of our accessories for guitars. Dan’s ideas and feedback has been invaluable during the design phase of many of our products.

Buy Two Tales of Woe albums and merchandise here.

Jason Reilly – Guitarist /Vocals / Multi-instrumentalist – The Brown Notes

A privilege to work with the great Jason Reilly, a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for music. Has been a member of countless originals and covers bands, currently playing with the ‘The Brown Notes’, a reggae, blues, rock band that always delight.

The Grainne Duffy Band
The Gráinne Duffy Band

We are delighted to do the work we do and to be associated with such talented people.

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