Hand wound Boutique Pickups

Custom hand wound magnetic pickups for guitar, bass or any stringed instrument- made to any specification; for any string number or spacing. Using only the finest materials, resulting in great sounding pickups.

Some of the Moondot music designed and made handwound pickups with wooden flat work and cases instead of the usual plastic/vinyl.

Exotic wood pickup cases can be made to cover any old pickup footprint. Get your own custom pickup designed for you to perfectly fit any guitar or bass. Or specially handwound standard pickups to fit Fender Stratocasters, Telecaster, Precision bass, Jazz bass, PAFs, P-90s, etc.

Wax potted with Irish bees wax producing a sweet audio quality, with silver solder and the finest oxygen free copper lead and coil wire.

The Moondot Music hand wound pickups have a lovely clear precise sound, great for recordings and effects.

custom pickup mid construction
Fully customisable handwound pickups; any string number or spacing.

We provide plastic free options in all of our guitar and bass pickups.

All handwound standard pickups available; Stratocaster, Telecaster, P-bass, Jazz bass, P-90s, humbuckers, etc.. Contact us for orders, further information or if you have any suggestions.

Effects, manipulation and processing of audio has much better result when using the hi-fidelity signal produced by our pickups.

Pickup Price List:

Guitar Pickups

  • Telecaster Single coil Bridge Pickup
    • €90
  • Stratocaster single coil: neck, middle and bridge set
    • €270
  • Humbucker, dual coil, hum canceling
    • €140

Bass Pickups

  • P-bass, split coil, hum canceling
    • €90
  • J-bass pickups, set
    • €160
  • Humbucker, dual coil, hum canceling
    • €160

Pickups are made to order and will have a 2 -4 week waiting time.

Custom pickups of any design can be provided on request.

Wax potting and rewinding services available.

for more information email: holly@moondotmusic.com

custom stratocaster pickgaurd

Available for pre-order: awesome pre-wired scratch plates constructed with exotic hardwoods and an aluminium backing for shielding and strength, available with or without pickups, our own or commercial. A drop in replacement for a stratocaster with: CTS pots; solid core silver plated oxygen free copper (OFC) signal wire; Schaller switches; silver solder. If you would like further information on our pick guards or pickups or for custom orders contact us.

The making and installation of a set of pick-ups for a 5 string Ibanez bass, from start to finish, with visible pole pieces in zebrano/zebrawood covers. (Audio still to come).

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