The Moondot Music Guitar

Handcrafted bespoke guitars
  • Sperzel tuners, Kahler bridge and ABM roller nut.
  • Abalone side dots with the front of the fingerboard free from inlay to fully appreciate the rosewood.
  • Jumbo hard wearing frets that will last many a year before they’ll need looking at again.
  • An exquisite, unique set of magnetic pickups designed and hand wound here at Moondot Music

This guitar is built to the highest standards, with the wood carefully chosen and fully acclimated, and hardware no expense spared.

See below for a photo summary of the build.

Neck :                3-piece, bolt-on construction

        Maple with centre stringer of wenge

         Flat headstock

Truss rod:           Single acting

Body wood:         Irish ash

Fret board:         Rosewood

Neck dimensions: 44mm at nut

                          54mm at 12th fret, 

      58mm at 24th fret.

Frets:                      25 frets; 18% nickel

Scale length:         25” scale (PRS scale)

Fingerboard radius: 12” radius

Inlay:                      Abalone side dots

String nut:              ABM roller nut

String spacing:      mm at bridge,

49mm at 24th fret

   36mm at nut,

Pickups:              Handwound magnetic pickups

                                       Hum canceling dual coil bridge pickup

-43AWG OFC, Alnico5 poles

Single coil neck pickup

-42AWG OFC, Alnico5 magnets

Tuners:                  Sperzel locking tuners, nickle, 3 a side

Bridge:                  Nickel chrome kahler tremolo bridge

Controls:               All CTS potentiometers (250 kΩ), Schaller 3 way switch

4% silver solder, solid core silver plate signal wire

      Shielded electronics cavity

    Matching grain ash cover plate for control cavity on back

Output:                  Switchcraft mono 6.35mm (1/4”) jack, nickle

The final steps of this guitar build-applying the finish, final fitting of all the hardware, wiring tone circuit, strings and testing it out.

This guitar features a brand new design of humbucker, designed and handwound by Holly. A nice high output with the great clarity and sparkle you get from handwound pickups. Using tall coils with Alnico5 magnetic poles and thinner coil wire to get a clear sound with high output and no hum. Awesome!

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This guitar in action

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