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A selection of caps, pots and switches

At Moondot music we want you to be satisfied with both the quality and price, providing a happy medium. We put a lot of effort into ethically sourcing and producing everything and when you buy from us you are funding the research needed to bring you more products that are high quality and great value. Audiophile without the price tag, go with us for that happy Goldilocks zone. Shop here or contact us for more information.

Over the years we have been researching parts manufacturers finding companies who making a real effort to provide high quality products at a reasonable price while maintaining sustainability and avoiding exploitative practices. Our research is ongoing and I can assume the best suppliers are hardest to find. (If you have any suggestions please let us know) We try to source most of our parts from companies like ABM in Germany, Sperzel in USA. The proof is in the pudding, the hardware these companies produce sound great and are a pleasure to use.


Outsourcing is bad economy, cheap labour is no excuse for shipping materials all over the world and the resulting low standards. Most outsourced parts are clearly inferior quality when compared to bridges and nuts machined from solid bell brass, accurately milled tuning gears and potentiometers and capacitors with tight tolerances. When you choose sustainability the rewards and benefits are numerous and far-reaching.

Our ethos is to:

  • Decrease waste:
    • reduced packaging
    • no planned obsolescence
    • repairing broken equipment
  • Reduce plastic usage:
    • paper packaging
    • wooden accessories and parts (pick guards, cover plates, pickup flatwork, etc.)
    • Use alternatives: bell brass, aluminium, stainless steel, wool/cotton instead of polyester or acrylic twine and all the woods of course.
  • And of course, to help musicians create

External Links:

The companies that we like to source our hardware from have good information on what you might want to consider when choosing your hardware, have a look at their websites:

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  • Ed Roman had some interesting insights, check out his rants.
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  • MCRU (music cables r us) is worth checking out to see some serious audiophile stuff.
  • Reverb is a good resource and we have our very own Moondot Music Reverb shop.
  • Here some very detailed articles analysing the physics of the electric guitar, might be of interest.

Local Links of Interest:

If you should be in this list, let us know.

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  • The Moondot Music Reverb shop is up and running now with interesting handmade products; guitar and bass pickups, pre-wired scratch plates/pick guards, etc. Keep watching…
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