Custom cables

Custom making guitar leads, microphone leads and audio cables from the best quality components and silver solder. The high fidelity signal produced by a good quality cable gets the best sound for listening, recording, mixing and live.

Contact us if you require custom audio cables; multi-core, shielded, unusual lengths, unusual termination/connector combinations, bulk orders etc. Check our shop for standard leads.

When you use our carefully designed and made cables your microphone and guitar recordings, and live sound will actually sound better.

custom stereo headphone cable
Custom stereo headphone cable

Proudly supplying Sommer Cable. Have a look at their website for brilliant solutions for all your audio needs. Great selection of audio cables, connectors and studio distribution systems. We can advise based on your requirements and budget, we definitely recommend using the high quality and sustainably produced cables from Sommer Cable. Contact us for a quote.

Instrument and microphone cables for sale in our shop.

Moondot music speaker cable

A custom speaker cable with a ferrite sleeve for RF interference reduction.

3.5mm (1/8″) to RCA gold plated, shielded cable, ferrite sleeves at RCA side.

mini headphone connector with ferrite sleeves reduce high frequency noise

Using only the highest quality components in every cable we make. Our solder contains 4% silver because it sounds better.

A choice of silver, nickle and gold plated connectors; RCA, balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS) 1/4″ plugs, headphone connectors, SPDIF and more. We mostly use either Neutrik or Hi-con connectors for their robust construction

Workshop Cable Price List:

Our leads are wired using European made connectors and high quality audio grade silver solder.

Great sounding reference quality reliable cables with shielded cores and the highest quality connectors.

  • Guitar Leads (mono instrument cables)
    • Neutrik gold plated 6.35mm connectors
    • straight or right angle connectors
      • 3m €34
      • 4m €37
      • 6m €43
  • Patch Cables – for pedal boards
    • mono Hicon right angled connectors
    • gold tipped 6.35mm connectors
      • 10cm-30cm – €12
      • 30cm-50cm – €13
  • Microphone Leads
    • balanced Neutrik XLR gold or silver plated connectors
      • 3m – €35
      • 4m – €38
      • 6m – €41
  • Hi-Fi (stereo audio) Cables
    • 3.5mm hicon to 2xRCA hicon (phono)
      • 2m – €38
      • per extra 1m – €2.5
    • 3.5mm hicon stereo auxiliary cable
    • 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack
      • 2m – €35
      • per extra 1m – €2.50

This a list of our preferred commonly used guitar and audio leads. We have price range options along with an unlimited range for custom made leads to suit your needs. Contact us for information/orders

We source most of our cable from Sommer Cable who only make high quality components designed with the musician in mind; reliable, durable and excellent sound quality.

We can custom wire any unusual leads or kit out your home or professional studios with high quality audio cables. Contact us for a quote.

We highly recommended using your best quality leads especially when recording for increased clarity and a better end result.

Effects and manipulation of the audio has much better outcome when using the hi-fidelity signal delivered with good quality cables.

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Moondot music is here for any of your custom audio cable needs; shielded, multi-core, any length, unusual combinations of connectors, bulk orders, studio wiring.