Custom Handbuilt Guitars and Basses

Handcrafted bespoke guitars

Built to the highest standard with every effort to make the best sounding and nicest playing instruments. When you play and hear our guitars and basses you’ll see the difference it makes.

We custom build guitars and basses to any specification. You can choose your ideal woods, hardware, scale length, & string number. Whatever you want we can build it

Our hand built guitars and basses are made to sound great…
Crafted with the finest select tone woods.
Highest quality hand wound pickups and tone circuits.
Silver plated solid core wiring, star grounding, shielding.
CTS pots, silver solder, PIO/poly caps, OFC wire.

Contact us to discuss your ideas – (+353) 89-4759855, email or fill out the custom guitar or bass order form

See our building stages for options and ideas.

Price list* for price estimates, any custom ideas can be catered for

Custom Bass – from €2,900


4 string
Select tonewoods

Neck through body, Set neck or Bolt-on
24 frets, fretted or fretless
Angled headstock
Side dot inlay
Best quality electrics
Handwound Pickups
Exquisite satin gloss oil finish
Select tuners, bridge, nut


  • Extra neck ply
    • + €150 each
  • Top/back
    • + €200 + expense
  • Custom inlay
    • price varies
  • 5 string
    • + €300
  • 6 string
    • +€600
  • Hardware options
    • prices vary

Custom Guitar from €2,750


6 string
Select tonewoods

  • Neck through body, Set neck or Bolt-on
  • Angled headstock
  • Abalone side dot inlay
  • Neck + bridge handwound magnetic pickups
  • Passive tone circuit, CTS etc.
  • Satin gloss hand rubbed oil finish
  • Select tuners, bridge, nut

Extras –

  • Extra neck plys
    • +€120 each
  • Top/back
    • +€200 + cost
  • Custom inlay
    • price varies
  • 7 string
    • +€300
  • 8 string
    • +€600
  • Hardware options
    • prices vary

*prices are included as a guideline contact us for a quote.

We build great sounding and lovely playing instruments every time.

Get a complimentary Moondot Music instrument cable and a plectrum to match your custom instrument.

Our instruments are truly custom built, so any need or want can be designed and built. Your very own master built guitar or bass with entirely custom specifications.

Get a quote for a custom guitar or bass

Some of our preferred hardware manufacturers are: ABM, Schaller, Sperzel, Kahler for their quality and ethos. We stock hypoallergenic EVO gold fret wire, CTS pots, Schaller tuners and bridges, ABM bell brass bridges and string nuts, and much, much more.

A Visit to the workshop to sample hand built guitars and basses and the selection hardware and materials on hand is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Have a look at the Moondot Music bass or guitar for ideas, and find photo summaries of the build process.

This video is of the beginnings of a 5 string bass, with a 3 piece maple and mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard and walnut body. There’s more on our YouTube channel , where we will be continually adding more videos of guitars we are building, so follow us for updates.

Have a look at some of our custom made pickups.

Choose your woods, machine heads, bridge, frets, pickups, electronics, and hardware. For information on options and ideas including neck-throughs, bolt-ons, set necks, multiple ply necks, carve tops, custom hand wound pickup options, inlays, 4, 5, 6 or more strings, bass or guitar have a look at this page gives more detail on having a custom guitar or bass built for you.