Guitar and other stringed instrument Repairs and Maintenance

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Repairs, modifications, set ups, maintenance, upgrades and evaluations for acoustic and electric guitars, basses and all other stringed instruments.

See price list below for common services.

To get an instrument to us, or for price estimates, repairs and upgrade options contact us:

Based in Annyalla, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan

    The best guitar and bass setups and upgrades.

    If your guitar just isn’t playing right take it to us for a full setup and it will sing again.

    When you buy a new guitar or bass take it straight to us for a professional set up and to have a perfect playing instrument from the start.

    • Set-up
      • All the adjustments
      • Your guitar will sound as good as it should
      • €30-120
    • Electronics
      • Dodgy electronics fixed or replaced
      • High quality pots and caps make a big difference
      • €40-110
    • Fret- dress
      • Shine up and level your frets
      • Looks and plays better
      • €40-110
    • Re-fret
      • Some or all frets replaced
      • For worn or damaged frets
      • €60-220
    • Upgrades
      • Transform your instrument
      • Bridge, electronics, pickups, frets, etc.
      • Pickup rewinding available
      • Using the best quality hardware to get the tone and response you desire

    prices are included as a guide but can vary depending on the job.

    Any electronic issue can be fixed. We can replace or refurbish scratchy pots, dodgy jacks, noisy circuits, broken pickups can be rewound. Call us for a quote.

    Have a look at this page for ideas on hardware and electronic upgrades.

    Fret issues resolved. Fret level, full or partial refret and fret dress for a smooth playing guitar.

    Cracks in acoustic soundboards fixed, sound posts set. New bone nut or saddle, piezo installations, intonation

    All stringed instruments; electric, acoustic, bass, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, etc

    While we have the strings off we clean and condition the fingerboard with lemon oil, clean and polish frets for a smoother playing guitar.

    The top of frets are brought to a point for the guitar to intonate properly. We remove scratches and polish the frets for that effortless guitar playing feel.

    We rewind broken or unsatisfactory pickups. Our hand wound guitar pickups sound great.

    Squealing pickups can be fixed by wax potting. The squeal can be caused by feedback within a loose unwaxed coil. We use a mix of Irish bees wax and paraffin wax for potting. A nice upgrade.

    If something terrible happens your guitar take it to us. You’d be surprised what can be fixed.

    Our aim is to get a guitar or bass set up to perfection; a conditioned fingerboard, polished frets with the perfect string and fretboard relief. Always plays nicer and sounds better.

    Don’t forget we custom wire guitar, microphone and other audio leads. We hand wind all pickups and build guitars and basses too. Our leads sound better, and last.