Handmade Irish Ash Pick (plectrum)


Handcrafted plectrum made from Irish ash.

A pleasure to use, the nicest sounding and feeling picks.

Please leave a comment with your order if you have a preference for pick shape etc

*Free shipping to Ireland and the UK for for a limited time*


Tone wood picks, each wood has a different unique tone.

Ash produces a deep tone with clarity and definition. Similar in tone to walnut, being just slightly harder with a more defined attack and note definition.

Silky smooth ash would be one of the preferred choices of plectrum for tone and durability.

Especially nice to use with acoustic guitars.

Handcrafted and oil finished, with hardened edges for durability.

Carefully made in Ireland, each pick is unique.

Please leave a comment with your order if you have a preference, pointed or rounded or a larger or smaller pick. I can choose one that suits your preference best.


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