Handwound P90- Wax Potted


Handwound P90 Guitar Pickup.
  • Slightly more output than the classic vintage P-90s
  • Made using the finest quality materials.
  • Wax potted with Irish bees wax for a full sweet tone
  • Silver terminations
  • Cream Soapbar Cover
  • Free shipping to Ireland and UK for limited time

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Handwound, great sounding pickup.
Handwound by Holly
Single coil P-90 guitar Soapbar Pickup


  • Alnico 5 magnet for a clean clear sound
  • 4.7% audio grade silver solder
  • Cream Soapbar cover
  • 2 conductor wiring
  • 42 AWG coil wire
  • 9kOhm coil
  • Wax potted with Irish bees wax for a full sweet tone
  • Carefully Handmade in Ireland

We offer free installation with local pickup.

Handmade using only the finest materials.


All custom options available, contact us for details or if you have any questions.

  • Reduced plastic options available
  • Options for wire gauge and magnet materials


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