Pack of 3 Patch cables (15cm)


Pack of 3 high fidelity patch cables:

  • gold-plated signal,
  • nickel ground,
  • right angled,
  • silver solder,
  • hand-wired in Ireland.

Sort your pedal-board out with custom length, highly transparent patch cables that minimise latency and not your tone.

*Free shipping to Ireland and the UK for for a limited time*


When you have a complicated set-up often interconnects are overlooked resulting with cheap leads being used between high quality outboard gear. This does not do your sound any justice.



  • Oxygen free copper (OFC)
  • Hicon gold plated tip (signal),
  • Right angled jacks
  • Hand wired in Ireland using high quality German and Japanese made components
  • Custom lengths available, leave a message with your order.


  • 100% shielded core of 0.75mm2 (AWG19) OFC
  • Audio grade 4.7% silver solder
  • Not suitable for high density jack field applications
  • Best quality Sommer Cable, Hi-con connectors

Additional information

Sizes available

30cm, 38cm


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