Custom made “The Original IO” Bass (Deposit)


Deposit for a custom made bass, made to the specifications of the Original Moondot IO Bass.

  • Select Tonewoods for ultimate Responce and Egonomics.
  • 5 piece neck with striking exotic tone woods and Ash for the body.
  • Extended range (28 frets) 4 string, neck through body, bass guitar.
  • Pickups specially Designed and Handwound by Holly to enhance the tone of this bass.
  • 100% Shielded Pickups and no String ground eliminates the dreaded string tick
  • Hypoallergenic, Nickle-free EVO gold fret wire.
  • Reduced plastic, with stylish wood and brass hardware and accessories
  • Receive a complementary Moondot Music Instrument Cable with payment of this Deposit
  • Handcrafted in Ireland for you.

This bass will have a 15 month build time.

Balance of €2,500 paid on completion.

Designed and built with meticulous attention to detail. The woods are perfectly seasoned, each stage of construction carried out with the utmost of care.


Pay a deposit for your very own custom made bass guitar, made to the specifications of The Original Moondot IO Bass Guitar. Handmade for you in Ireland.

This bass has been created to fulfill everything you desire in a new design of bass, perfectly balanced using select tonewoods and highest quality hardware to bring you the distinct, punchy and responsive bass guitar.

  • Extended range, 28 fret 4 string Bass
  • Gold and handcrafted wood hardware
  • ‘Badass II’ bridge, bell brass ABM nut
  • EVO gold fretwire,
  • Wenge ramps over two handwound single coil pickups,
  • Matching grain control cavity plate
  • Reduced Plastic Use


Always taking the greatest care in the construction of our instruments, each step is crucial to having a perfect instrument in the end. We are determined to produce perfect instruments every time.

The combination of exotic tonewoods and maple in the neck gives you an incredibly responsive bass. Hard Rock Maple and wenge, coupled with resonant padauk. The singing Ebony fingerboard and punchy ash body finish off the tone nicely to give responsive, expressive bass.


  • Neck construction: 5-piece laminated neck through body, for improved stability and tone
    • maple-wenge-padauk
    • 12.5 degree angled headstock
  • Truss rod:
    • aluminium U-channel,
    • single acting steel rod,
    • as used by Martin Guitars
  • Body wood: Ash
  • Fret board: ebony (African blackwood)
  • Frets:
    • 28 frets; EVO gold,
    • hard wearing, sound great, hypo allergenic (nickel free)
  • Scale length: 34” scale (863.6mm)
  • Fingerboard radius: 12” radius
  • String nut: ABM adjustable brass nut, 40mm width
  • Pickups:
    • 2 handwound magnetic single coil pickups
    • dual pole AlNiCo5 magnets
    • 42 AWG gauge coil wire; 6.9 kΩ (neck), 8.3 kΩ (bridge)
    • reverse wound and polarity, hum cancelling when used together
    • with radiused wenge covers/ramps
  • Tuners: choice gold plated tuners
  • Bridge: choice gold plated bridge
  • Controls:
    • neck volume, bridge volume, tone; all CTS pots (250 kΩ)
    • 4.7% silver solder, Sprague orange drop capacitor
    • matching grain ash cover plate for control cavity on back
    • natural wood tone control knobs
  • Output: switchcraft mono 6.35mm (1/4”) jack
    • handcarved wenge jackplate
  • Inlay:
    • Abalone side dots
    • Reclaimed Abalone Moondot logo on headstock


This bass will be custom built for you so any of the specifications above can be changed to suit your needs, including neck profile, wood choices, scale length. Build time of 15 months.

We take the greatest care in the construction of our instruments, each step crucial to having a perfect instrument in the end. We are determined to produce perfect instruments every time, building amazing sounding and fantastic playing instruments every time.


The total price of this bass is €3,750. This listing is a deposit, the balance to be paid on completion.

Your custom guitar will have a 8 to 12 month build time.

Building great sounding and lovely playing instruments every time, you will not be disappointed.

Plus you will receive a great sounding Moondot Music Guitar Lead on payment of the deposit.

Made to Sound Great.


Contact us if you have any questions.


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